Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Pair for Harry


"tout le monde couchait nu et rarement on couchait seul" -- Harry Crosby

When we are done with Fontainebleau its curious salamanders

in the fire, the road seems to lead us & seems to lead to love.

No one has ever seen her naked before.

No sun.


At a slave, eyes averted, denuded. Venus
visible to the instinct. Eyes brine, I can do a thing
& a thing but beauty is not mine. Venus visible
to the slave but indistinct. She dreams
noctiluca covers his eyes, the sea, she is --
she is encrusted with senses, hides
studded with stones, furs.
Denuded, lapping at a slave.
I can name it what I want. Saxifrage.
Love makes lucid, she is not used

to this, to sleeping together.


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