Monday, February 06, 2006

Five Short Poems

The work father stands in
all tenses at once, his arms ka'd to the shimmering
guts his goods to see so caught
up by inactive wilderness


history of the sun) on ur,
he plastike tekhne, her on her
knees dark wheels her infant sun
down her
crack into mantic hands, leaks to larkspur sheets
surge through sleep

singular, neuter
wrecked & heavy-lidded, likely alive


Taken by the rose she stalks above all the dark one, washed up
& straitened the eye, gone out to buy gamey cream
bouillon & a bulb for the lamp, mortuary sun, no water
Ever a wall weak doe drag itself to a clearing,
or veal at closing doth shine & shiver

immutable cities seduced from the earth
She dreamt again like someone truly evil
& you & I were there, in a house, in a maze, & on
& on we went through it like it was our own
mind, hour after hour sovereign, no bracken


Those shimmering nets, even if they do catch fish.
If you love them that dissolve, a snake with no tail.
Like death warmed over, then cold as a witch's teat.
Grotesque multiplication is a god.

Or a single deer of Chenrezi's, vanishing into the trees.

So much shifting & shimmering
that it seems not to shift or shimmer anymore.
Boils dry. In the morning the flowery coat skimmed off.
Look for them outside then.

They feed. They awe.


From a door a voice begs change, seek her dark, the stars are

interruptions in this waste, a woman asking change, sought her the dark stoppers
the vision. I came to this city to see crone climate I am always in,
sea chrome, dark foam & flotsam stars & handed her
a wineshit-gray nickel warmer than other coins, put in her hand I now saw
stretched from dark door & far from the heart. Ordered rose --
hips absolutely still -- water turned to blood -- at bottom
glass cup, returned to her with more change.
Something utterly transparent curtains the nothing that is not
transparent & hard to know -- fire escapes
by nostril & cruelly through the eye -- & forms
baroque inattention spawns flower at the mouth,
spare, some change.


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